This feature gives the ability for administrators to be able to PULL suspicious spam/BEC messages from all user’s mailboxes in an office365 tenant.

Before you start you must have:

  • Credentials to login to
  • Correct creds for the Admin account on office365 tenant, and make sure you need to be part of eDiscovery manager group and be a Global Admin on office365.
  • To verify if you have the correct permission check this link


Login to the and enter your credentials, then in the left navigation menu click on  Reported and the list of ALL reported spam from SRC365 will be displayed as shown in the screen shot below

locate the spam or the  Business Email Compromise (BEC) you want to delete from ALL the user's mailboxes, before anyone opens it, then click on DELETE button for the required message, enter the Admin credentials then login 

Click on the notification on the Top right to view the task process this will also display a detailed list showing the number of messages that are deleted for each user.


The delete process can take few minutes so don’t expect the results immediately, you might even leave it for few minutes and come back to check on the status by clicking on the notification Icon (screen shot below)