A word about Vircom's technical support team

Our team of technicians is always available to help you out. We pride ourselves in the level of support that we try to provide to our customers. We’ve had clients that have been with us for over 20 years because you will always have a friendly voice at the end of the line to help you out with your issues. Although we mainly focus support for our products, we will often help you troubleshoot issues that are auxiliary to the product (like DNS and network issues for instance that might be causing communication problems) or MS Exchange issues. Our job is to ensure your peace of mind.

Reaching us:

Our normal support hours are from 8:30 to 18:00 Monday through Friday Eastern time. Normally our support is closed during statutory holidays (we observe American and Canadian holidays) but you can always reach out to us for emergencies.

If you need assistance and your problem is urgent, you can also reach us after hours and we will help you out. Our technicians will call you back within 30 minutes if it’s outside of business hours or during a holiday.

Contact Method
By Phone

If you reach us after hours, you can leave a voicemail and we will reach out to you within 30 minutes of your call.

Toll Free +1 888 484-7266 (Hit 1 for support)

Direct +1 514 845-8474 (skips the general menus)

By Email


By Email (Emergencies)



If you are not satisfied and wish to talk to a manager. This mailbox goes to both the Support and the Sales director


Yves Lacombe: (514) 808-3457 (Director Support) 

Nadav Shenker: (514) 299-6099 (Director Sales/PM)

Information about network status, major outages or other information support needs to communicate with you urgently. Includes SMS and Twitter feed.

Vircom Status Page:



Vircom will use best commercial efforts to provide remote and telephone software support within the time frames defined below.

P1 - Critical Issue

Expected Response Times:

  • First reaction within 30 minutes.
  • Resolution expectation within 4 hours or until a suitable workaround is provided.

A critical issue is defined as having a major functionality severely or critically impaired.

  • No mail flow.
  • No access to the user interface.
  • No spam getting caught at all.
  • Compromised accounts causing mail queuing.

Usually a critical issues affect every person in the organization.

P2 - High Priority Issue:

Expected Response Times:

  • First reaction within 1 business hour (first call back or email).
  • Resolution expectation within 24 hours or until a suitable workaround is provided.

A high issue is defined as having an important functionality impaired but not completely down. Example:

  • Quarantine digests/reports not getting generated.
  • Unusually high number of false-positives or false-negatives.
  • Successful phishing attack.

Usually a high issue affects most of the organization but mail flow is preserved and spam and viruses are being quarantined.

P3 - Normal/Low Priority Issue:

Expected Response Times:

  • First reaction within 4 business hours.
  • Resolution expectation within 48 - 72 hours if it is an operational/usage question or will be fixed in a future release

A normal issue is defined as an issue that is not impacting any major or important functionality and not impacting a large number of users.  Examples:

  • Single user not receiving certain emails.
  • A user not receiving a quarantine digest.
  • Single user is getting more spam than others.
  • Cosmetic issues with the software
  • A usage question.

Usually a normal issue tends to apply to a single user or a small subset of users within the organization.
Trial / Onboarding issues
... are always treated as high priority issues.

Please not that if a technician reaches back to you within the first reaction time expectation but you are not available to continue with the troubleshooting, these response times are null & void (in other words, if we get back to you and your are not there or available, obviously we will not be able to respect these response times.

Ticket are closed automatically after three attempts at contacts and logged, usually after a five day period.

Support Coverage:

Our technical support covers exclusively our products and it's direct dependencies.


  • Proofpoint Essentials (modusCloud)
  • modusGate & modusmail
  • modusHosted


Dependencies & Limitations: modusGate and modusMail require SQL Express or the full MS-SQL, we will support these as well.  If you are having network issues, problems with DNS, firewalls, operating systems or other ancilliary systems, our support coverage does not cover those items. We will often provide some advice and assist with some diagnostic efforts on how to fix these issues - in fact, we often go beyond the purview of our support services and assist clients with third party systems, but please understand that this is not part of the normal support coverage and is often and the discretion and skill level of the technician serving you.    Actually configuring a router or a firewall for you falls outside the scope of our support.  

If you want us to fix a problem with a subsystem that is not directly related to modus, this becomes a professional service and is billable as a consultant fee and is subject to technician availability.  Technical support is meant to cover operational problems or issues with modus only. If you require Vircom support to do any activity that is schedulable in time (perform an upgrade of a server, a server migration from an old physical or virtual server to a new server) these are considered professional services and are thus billable as consultant fees.