With ProofPoint Essentials the ability to enable archive for inbound and outbound emails is now possible. The process requires the archive feature be enabled followed by creating a connector on ProofPoint Essentials and then finalizing the setup with Office 365 send connector.

The steps below allows one to follow step-by-step sequence.

NOTE: It is recommended that the NDR undeliverable mailbox is not a shared mailbox.

NOTE: The undeliverable mailbox account does not have it's emailed archived.

Enable Archiving on ProofPoint Essentials:

1- Log into ProofPoint Essentials website US or EU.

2- Select the options Account Management then Features and check Enable Email Archive and click the save button.

3- This will activate a new menu option in ProofPoint labeled Archive as shown below.

Create a Connector in ProofPoint Essentials for O365 Archive:

1- Click the Archive menu that is now displayed to configure a connection to O365.

2- A new tab will open up and select Setup then Connections and click the plus sign +

3- On the Add Connection page enter the following information. The undeliverable journal address Must be an unused mailbox but MUST exist on Azure as a mailbox. Once done click Next.

4- On the pop up page copy the address that is list and click Done. you will need it when setting up a journal account in O365.

Create a Connector in O365 for ProofPoint Essentials:

A dedicated outbound connector must be created so that all archive traffic is sent directly to the ProofPoint Essentials Archive environment instead of getting routed through ProofPoint Essentials gateway.

1- Log into the Office 365 Admin Center.

2- Once logged in click the Admin button.

3- Then click on Admin Centers and then Exchange.

4- In the Exchange Admin Center click on Mail Flow then the tab Connectors.

5- Click the plus sign to create a new send connector.

6- On the page that opens up select from Office 365 to Partner Organization and click Next.

7- Next provide a name for the connector and turn on the rule and click Next.

8- In the new screen that opens, select Only when email messages are sent to these domains. 

9- Then click the plus sign and enter the string "*" and click OK.

10- The new connector page should have the following information below, then click Next.

11- Select the option Use the MX record associated with the partners's domain and click Next.

12- Click Next to leave the default settings for TLS and security.

13- You are then displayed with a new connector summary page, click Next.

14- We now need to test if the connector functions correctly by clicking the plus sign + .

15- Enter an email address in order to validate the connector based on your region and click OK. 

               - US: 

               - EU:

16- You may click Validate to test if the connection is successful.


17- A successful test will be indicated as listed below and click Close.

Configure O365 Journaling Rule:

1- Still logged into Exchange select Compliance Management then select Journal Rules.

2- Click the Select Address and click the Browse button that is displayed.

3- Add the account as configured in ProofPoint Essentials Archive page named click Save.

4- Click the plus sign +.

5- In the Send journal reports to field enter the unique email address generated by ProofPoint Essentials that you copied earlier.


6- Enter the following information as shown below and click Save.

7- Click Yes on the warning pop-up.