ISSUE: Office 365 is tagging messages coming from proofpoint as spam and putting the messages in the user's junk folder.

SOLUTION:  You need to tell O365 to trust Emails coming from proofpoint.


By-Pass Spam Filtering in Office 365

1- Sign-In to the Office 365 Admin portal.

2- Click on Admin > Exchange

This will launch Exchange Admin Center

3- Click mail flow > rules.

4- Click + icon to access the pull down menu.

5- Select By-pass spam filtering

In the new rule window, complete the required fields:

  • Enter a value for Name (e.g.“By-pass Spam filtering for Proofpoint Essentials”)
  • For “Apply this rule if…” select “The sender...IP address is in any of these ranges or exactly matches

  • Add IP addressto the IP address list.
    • Type in the address followed by the + icon
    • Repeat for each IP address
    • Ensure Set the spam confidence level (SCL) to is selected in the Do the
      • Do the following > Modify the message properities > set the spam confidence level > bypass spam filtering
  • Click Save.

7- You can now proceed to STEP 4 - Telnet Test to Verify if Email Works