Showing the steps needed to download the list of users from google workspace. The file downloaded is comma-separated value (CSV) that you can upload to users container in Proofpoint Essentials.

The columns needed are: 

First name, Last name, Email address, Alias Email address1, alias Email address2,alias Email address3  etc..

Important: If you don't have any alias email addresses just use the first 3 columns.


Export users list

  1. Navigate to Google Admin Console
  2. Select the “Users” from the Admin console

  1. Click on the “Download users”

  1. In the popup window choose “Currently selected columns” as only 5 columns are selected this will be easy to clean unwanted columns. Next select “Comma-separated values (.CSV)” and finally click on  Download button.

  1. Locate your CSV file and notice all the 6 columns. for our purpose we will only need the First 3 columns. So, we will delete the line 1 and other unnecessary columns.

  1. After the clean up, the file should look like the below. Notice that I added a column D which I populate with an Alias email address, If you don’t have any alias then just leave it empty



Proofpoint Essentials Portal

1- login to  your portal

2- Navigate to User Management > CSV Import>

click on Choose File then click on UPLOAD button to download the users.