What is a permalink? (How to find the permalink)

Created by Yves Lacombe, Modified on Thu, 24 Mar 2022 at 04:44 PM by Yves Lacombe


Often, our technical support team will ask you for the permalink of an email.  Example, when troubleshooting a false-positive issue (good email blocked as spam) or a false-negative issue (bad email that didn't get caught).  From the outside, we probably assuming mistakenly that you know what a permalink is.


The permalink is a link to the message details of the message that we need to investigate that you get out of the message log. 

How to get the permalink:

Go to proofpoint and search in the message log for the interesting message required for the investigation that is currently ongoing.

Once you find the email we're interested in, click on the little hamburger:

You'll get to the message details page.  The permalink is at the top:

That's the piece of information that we need.